2018 Ford C-Max Redefines Hybrid Segment

A hybrid is usually used for one thing: to maximize fuel efficiency and save the owner money at the pump. And while this is true, other aspects of the vehicle often get overlooked, such as the interior features. That is why we here at Palm Springs Ford are so excited about the new line of 2018 Ford C-Max compact hybrids that have just arrived.

This hybrid includes second row in-floor storage compartments, which means you will always have plenty of leg room even on the longest trips. Also, this hybrid comes equipped with the largest passenger volume among all compact hybrids in existence today. If you would like to test drive one of these incredibly spacious vehicles, then be sure to either give us a call to schedule an appointment or just stop on by our Ford dealership located right here in Cathedral City, CA to speak with one of our friendly sales associates.

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