Preparing for Lease-End

Leasing a new Ford is one of the best options for some drivers depending on their driving habits and their propensity to either care for a vehicle themselves or not. But what should you do to prepare for the end of a lease term?

We here at Palm Springs Ford want to make sure you know all your options. First, you could either buy or lease a new Ford if you've fallen in love with the brand. Secondly, you can choose to purchase your previously leased vehicle if you now would like to become the owner. Your final option is to simply walk away from the lease and make a decision about your automotive future at a later date.

?If you would like to browse our wide selection of brand new Ford's to see which one is the perfect fit for you, then be sure to either give us a call to schedule an appointment or just stop on by and start browsing today at Palm Springs Ford!



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