Step Into Cathedral City's Future With Ford Ranger's Tech Features

Technology of the future is here. All you have to do is check out some of the futuristic technology features taking over various industries, like the auto industry. Let's look at a few tech features in the popular midsize Ford Ranger that you can check out at Palm Springs Ford.

Lane Keeping

No one could have imagined a vehicle with sensors that could actually tell you that you are drifting into another lane. These sensors have been placed in all Rangers, and they can save people's lives. That is quite impressive and invaluable to say the least.

Blind Spot Awareness

Okay, the blind spot has been a thorn in most drivers' necks for some time, but now that thorn has been removed with this blind spot awareness system called BLIS that can alert you if there is a vehicle in that spot. You can let the vehicle pass, and reduce the chances of an accident, thanks to this Ranger.

We want to see you in this Ranger, and we want you to take it out for a test drive around the city.



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