The Ford EcoSport Is Styled Perfectly

The All-New Ford EcoSport is a popular compact crossover with many big upgrades for the new year. Drivers will enjoy the new and improved security features, better style and comfort, and terrific handling that beats out the competition. This vehicle will never break the pockets because you will only pay a $175 monthly car note. Come and see what we have at Palm Springs Ford.

After a long day at work or school, it is time to snuggle into the partial-leather heated front seats to relax. Press a single button to open the moonroof for that rush of air producing a cool breeze. Store extra bags on top of the roof-rack rails for long road trips. Press the push-start button and lead the way!

Cruise down the street sporting 17-inch Dark Tarnish metallic wheels. Activate the bright LED signature lights that make a bold statement while illuminating the pathway ahead.



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