Have Fun with More Tech in the Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is sure to impress you in Cathedral City. There is a lot of technology in this full-size pickup truck, offering you entertainment, convenience, and safety. At Palm Springs Ford, we'll show you the features that are waiting for you.

First, you can look forward to FordPass Connect, providing you with WiFi. This makes it easier to stay connected as you drive down the road. Combine this with an infotainment center that allows you to connect your smartphone and you have some amazing tools. Voice control and steering wheel-mounted buttons allow you to control music, make calls, and stream podcasts.

Next, you can be safer on the roads with the tech that provides you with audible and visual alerts. The blind spot information system will tell you if there's a vehicle hiding out in your blind spot. Collision alerts can apply brakes if you don't pay attention to vehicles in front of you.



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