On the Go in the EcoSport

It can sometimes get lonely on the road, especially on long stretches trying to make it home after an exhausting weekend work convention. Thankfully the EcoSport from Ford will make you feel at ease while away. Whether catching glimpses of the mountain ranges or commuting home from work, the EcoSport is ready with capability features fit for you.

Conserve While At It

Auto Start-Stop Technology is offered in the EcoSport. A capability feature that will automatically stop the vehicle when the engine isn't needed will not only be good on emissions and fuel consumption but also the owner's wallet. No more wasting gas in Cathedral City traffic or waiting for your best friend to finish her makeup.

Loads of Storage Space

Another brilliant aspect of the EcoSport is its ability to store several different items. From groceries, shopping bags, camping gear, sports bags, flutes and plenty of other things, the neatly designed Cargo Management System comes standard in the EcoSport and will hold it all. Say hello to us at Palm Springs Ford and take a test drive today.



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